JFS won a Merit Award at the “National Business Excellence Awards 2023


JFS Holdings Limited, one of the emerging conglomerates in Sri Lanka, was
honored with a Merit award in the Medium Category for the ICT sector at the
National Business Excellence Awards 2023. This is the fourth award in a row, JFS
has been decorated for the fiscal year 2021/22. This prestigious event, organized
by the National Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka, took place on the 20th of June
2023 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo. Madhushan Raigamage, the chairperson
and the Chief Executive Officer of JFS participated in the award ceremony on
behalf of the company.

JFS, established in early 2012 as an HR service provider, has rapidly transformed
into a prominent and diversified business entity in Sri Lanka. Focusing on four key
business sectors; BPO, ICT, Extreme Sports, and Agro-food, JFS has built a strong
presence in the market. Under these sectors, the company operates through eight
brands, showcasing its expertise in various industries. The foundations of the
organization's success are its competent and loyal employees and its mission-
driven, visionary leadership.

In line with its strategic vision of “becoming the largest conglomerate in Sri Lanka
by 2040”, JFS is looking out for potential investments and applied to get listed at
the Colombo Stock Exchange recently.

Madhushan Raigamage, the Chairperson of JFS, expressed his thoughts, stating;
"We have reached a significant milestone, and as this is our very first time, this
award fills us with great joy and pride. And there’s no doubt that, the award will
further solidify JFS's position as a leader in the industry.”

Speaking further, Madhushan Raigamage, emphasized its commitment to viability
and envisions becoming a diversified holding company achieving sustainable
development across multiple industries. With a strong belief in “Thinking Big”,
JFS is confident in expanding into new markets while delivering exceptional value
to customers and stakeholders, striving to become an industry leader, not only
locally but also globally.

Explaining the future plans of JFS Madhushan Raigamage went on to say that the
company is currently in talks with key parties to establish a subsidiary in USA to
concentrate on extreme sports, ICT/BPO business to the USA/Canada, and Agro-
foodgro food, targeting on to south Asian diaspora, gulf, Australia, New Zealand,
EU and Canada. JFS is also looking at the possibilities of expanding BPO
destinations to the Philippines targeting USA and Australian opportunities.

Today, JFS stands ready for anything the future may hold. JFS is confident in its
ability to overcome challenges and emerge as a leading business entity in Sri
Lanka and overseas, dedicated to creating long-term value for their stakeholders.