UN stands with Sri Lanka for a peaceful recovery from current crisis


While admiring the resilience shown by the Sri Lankan people, the
United Nations says it stands with Sri Lanka and hopes for a peaceful
recovery from the current crisis.

On behalf of the Secretary-General and the United Nations Country Team
in Sri Lanka, Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka
wished all those celebrating Vesak.
“Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred in this world. It is
appeased only by loving-kindness.” As Sri Lanka and the world journey
through these troubled times, may this teaching of the Buddha from the
Dhammapada guide you.

His message of compassion, tolerance, and respect for one another are
true today as they were over 2500 years ago.

Acknowledging the contributions of Buddhism to the world, an eminent
Sri Lankan the then Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, brought a
proposal to the United Nations General Assembly to make the Buddhist
holy day an International Observance Day. Vesak was thus declared a
Day of Observance by a General Assembly Resolution in 1999. Today the
United Nations stands with Sri Lanka, we admire the resilience shown
by her people, and are hopeful of a peaceful recovery from the current

It is only with compassion, and purity of intent, that present
challenges can be overcome. “Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to
purify one’s mind – this is the Teaching of the Buddhas” Hamdy in a
message said.