Attorney General Dappula de Livera eyeing for a Higher Post?


The interest and the efficiency shown by the Sri Lankan Attorney General Dappula de start new investigations and persecute opponents of the Gotabaya Rajapakse government has been one of the main topics among the legal circles in Sri Lanka.

According to one senior lawyer, Attorney General de Livera may be eyeing to be a supreme Court  Judge or to be the President of the Appeal Courts by pleasing the present administration.

Although Attorney General is the Chief legal officer of the Sri Lankan government it is expected for the Attorney general to perform his duties impartially and following the due legal process.

During the previous regime, AG de Livera was referred by Sri Lankan media as one of the most corrupt political appointments to the high office.   According to the media reports the Sri Lankan legal circles were shocked how slavishly he was doing the bidding of President Maithripala Sirisena especially on the Easter bombing incident to cover up the responsibility of the Executive President.

Legal circles say that AG de Livera now doing the same dirty works for the Gotabaya Rajapakse administration what he has done for Maithripala Sirisena administration.